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Here's the part about me

I'm a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of management and leadership experience, a decade (and counting) of experience as a CEO, a Bachelors in Art, a certificate in Diversity Equity and Inclusion, certification in mindfulness based techniques, and a graduate from an ICF accredited coaching program.

In just four years, I transformed my solopreneur venture into a thriving company with twenty-five employees and a 4,000 square foot workspace. During this time, I boosted the gross annual revenue by a staggering twentyfold. Over a decade later and we're still going strong.

And I did this all by using the same techniques I guide and coach my business clients with today.


I'm here because I'm incredibly passionate about what the future of leadership looks like, and I want to help guide you as you make small, but strategic, shifts in your approach that will benefit not only yourself, but also your company, your team and your profits.

As your coach, I'm here to walk beside, guide and provide as you dig deep on your own journey towards more confidence, better management skills and less burnout.

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