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Alt Exec

Success isn't one-size-fits-all.

Together we'll redefine what it means to lead.

More success, Less burnout

Are you tired of clinging to outdated business models that don't align with your values? Are you allergic to "being in charge"?


Free yourself from fear-based team management and create a personalized pathway to success.


Let's disrupt the status quo with EQ based leadership and get results-driven business growth and a profitable ROI in the process.

I've coached clients to holistically embody their roles in leadership, and to transform their teams, using EQ as a powerful catalyst for business success. And the results speak for themselves.


Our coaching isn't just about goal setting; it's about driving tangible outcomes through your alignment into sustainable and equitable leadership.

Who are our clients?

Our clients are creatives, artists, instigators, educators, dreamers and innovators from across a vast landscape of backgrounds and career paths.

But what unites us all, is the passion and drive to create a holistic leadership from the inside out.


1-1 Coaching

Work one-on-one with your coach over the course of six or twelve months to dive deep and uncover how to name and meet your management and / or business goals.

Small group coaching

CTRL ALT EXEC - Reboot your career in an intimate group of other leaders. Learn together and learn from each other.

These sessions are offered periodically, please sign up for more info. Or bring us on to work within your organization and with a team of your peers.


Need more than just coaching? By working with us as advisors we will not only work with you to uncover your potential, but we will advise and instruct using our resources, background and experience.

Starting a company and feeling stuck and overwhelmed? This is the first breadcrumb on your path.


Mary - Authentic Life Guide

“Lucas helped me see my own strengths and positive qualities on my journey toward self acceptance. He provided me with a sense of validation and I felt permission to be myself and explore who that is, in a way I never have before. Since getting coaching with Lucas I feel much more empowered to show up in the world exactly who I am.”
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